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The Marine Artist

Captain Christer Hägg, Royal Swedish Navy (Ret.) was born in Stockholm, Sweden, 1939. His special interests in ships and the sea started in his early teens. In combination with a great interest in drawing and painting it became natural that his first paintings were marine paintings. His first exhibited one of his paintings when he was 17 years old.


After his collage exam he joined the Royal Swedish Naval Academy and was commissioned as a sub lieutenant 1963. He had a long and varied career over 30 years of service. He served on destroyers, frigates, fast patrol boats, sailing ships always with his sketchbook ready at hand.

Christer Hägg also served as a helicopter pilot and a test pilot, as the Naval attaché in Washington DC and ended his career as the Flag Captain of the Fleet.


During all these years Christer Hägg painted a great number of watercolours and in the later years mostly oils. He has exhibited his art in The Naval Museum, Longitude Gallery, Galleries in Stockholm, Höganäs Art Museum and Art Maritime in Hamburg as well as in Washington DC.


His motifs are mostly sailing ships and smaller sailing crafts but also more modern ships and boats.


Christer Hägg has illustrated several books of maritime content and also does a couple of commissions each year.


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